Monday, November 1, 2010


1) Henry was a rootin tootin cowboy for Halloween (pictures to come). And a few life group friends volunteered to watch Sam and pass out candy at our house while mommy and daddy took Henry trick-or-treating and to the Harvest Carnival. Such a sweet, sweet time with our Henry…he was a bit overwhelmed with all the costumes, but enjoyed being a cowboy and collecting goodies. Sam had his dinosaur costume (Henry’s hand-me-down) on for a total of 5 minutes…hence the hand-me-down.

2) Wade drug me (kicking and screaming, of course) to an OU football game. The morning prior I had an ORANGE pedicure to mentally prepare…if I had to endure a sea of crimson and cream, at least my toe nails would be orange!

3) Since starting back to work after maternity leave, I’ve somehow managed to go from drinking no diet coke, to drinking 4+ cans per day…woe is me…

4) I had my first group meeting with OSU’s head honchos…and lived to tell the tale…was also reminded of how content I am being low on the totem pole. I had half a dozen diet cokes on this day.

5) Had a fabulous time Christmas shopping with the Ward ladies (plus Sam) in Kansas City! Enjoyed the beautiful weather, excellent company, good exercise, and tasty margaritas (which always make the shopping a bit less painful).

6) I’m beginning to see a pattern…wine, diet coke, margaritas…I’d do well on a liquid diet.

7) Henry is officially two AND A HALF years old! It feels like yesterday that he was “Sam size”.

8) Sam is 4 months old, yet wearing 6 – 9 month clothes…Sam’s 4-month well baby check-up is Thursday…expecting him to be off the chart in height and weight like his big brother.

9) Henry has started playing more independently…his imagination has grown leaps and bounds and I frequently catch him having conversations with his animals and other toys. I LOVE hiding behind doors and around corners and just listening…so cute, and oh so funny.

10) I spent three solid hours deep cleaning our house yesterday and feel SO MUCH BETTER…nothing like a bit of elbow grease to relieve stress and tension.

11) Wade and I decided that our Christmas gift to each other would be to take a day off work (while Henry is at school and Sam is at home with the girls/sitters) and spend the day together in OKC. I’m thinking a nice lunch, a long stroll, and just whatever the heck we feel like that day.

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