Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy 80th, Papa Bo

Papa Bo celebrated his 80th birthday this month (October). The whole family came to celebrate in Blackwell. All kids (Papa Bo and Grandmother had 5!), grandkids (15), and great grandkids were there (3)...minus Jamin and Blake - we missed you guys!

Two of the greats playing tunes on the organ.

Henry: Look Lily...this button makes it REALLY loud!

Pounding his heart out

Henry smooching Lily

Going in for another...the boy LOVES kisses

Trip - show them how it's done!

Cousin Jamie. I miss you! Why did you have to move all the way to Iowa?! My vote was for Tulsa!

Jamie and her hubster, Ryan

Yea for carrots!

Waiting in the front yard for Grandma and Grandpa to show up for OSU Walkaround.

Hugs from Grandma...such a good feeling

Listening to Grandma tell Henry how much she loves him

Trying to crinkle leaves like Grandpa

Henry with Grandma and Grandpa at Theta Pond

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