Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter eggs and elbow macaroni - Part 1

Henry spent Easter in Blackwell with Grandma and Grandpa and Red Wagon #2. The Easter bunny came to Grandma's house a day early and left Henry with a red wagon and serious rules - the wagon is only to be operated at Grandma's, and Grandpa has first pulling rights. No exceptions.

I don't know who enjoyed the wagon more, Henry or Grandpa.

Henry loves to long as you return the item in less than 15 seconds. Again, no exceptions.

Did I mention Mr. Bunny left Henry's wagon full of Easter eggs, some of which he filled with macaroni? You'd have thought Henry had been playing the maracas since birth.

It was chiller than expected on Saturday and silly Mom forgot to pack Henry's jacket. We improvised with Grandma's size small Eskimo Joe's T-shirt. I'm not sure how effective it was...the T-shirt provided an extra layer, but made searching for eggs a wee bit difficult.

When you're the one snapping pictures, rarely is there an opportunity for you to be IN the picture.

Despite the breeze and cold air, we took advantage of the sun and played outside most of the day. After multiple laps in the wagon and hiding and seeking (and shaking) eggs, we headed to the barn to play with Grandpa's puppies.

Now that's a BIG dog!

Here puppy, puppy, puppy...

(For my PETA and dog loving friends, Grandpa's dog "pens" back up to acres of soft green grass where they can run and bark at coyotes all day long.)

Henry...after being licked on the face...not sure he likes puppy kisses

When the sun went down we moved our party indoors.

A short snooze on Mom.

Playing chase around Grandma's kitchen island.

Last stunt of the evening - trying to fit his fist in his mouth


Anonymous said...

Love his Easter overalls. FINALLY a picture of you two. Mac in the eggs so smart!

Brooke and Peter said...

that easter outfit is priceless! I agree with MIC... MORE PICS OF MICHAL!!!! :) you are too pretty to not look at too!
looks like a fun easter.