Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who'd have thought...

...just two years ago as Wade and I were walking down the aisle that we'd be blessed so soon with Henry. Well, other than Grandmother Happy, who I'm told swore at our wedding "it was only a matter of time" until we would be expecting numero uno.

I couldn't help myself. Henry's absolute favorite animal is his brown pony Grandma got him in KC. I had searched high and low for another animal like it, and just when I thought my luck had run dry, I spotted the last toy (a giraffe) in a local Stillwater boutique. According to the store owner, this is the number one brand in Europe (Henry must have good taste...after his mom of course.) As you can clearly see from his grin, the giraffe was a hit.

Red wagon circles around the living room while a cold front blew through Stillwater

Every where we go the ladies love to comment on Henry's long eye lashes. And I'd like to know why God chooses to frequently bless men with this trait?!? What about the gals, God? I also read in my babycenter.com weekly newsletter that Henry's eyes are most likely their permanent color now - dark blue/gray. Thanks for passing along, Grandpa.

One of Henry's favorite foods is prunes. Yikes! And you think his face is messy...

We laugh now...12 hours later it's a different story.

Henry loves his blocks - thanks Mamaw and Papaw!

Prunes aren't the only vegetable Henry enjoys. He likes all his veggies, even peas! Dad is still trying to grasp how this is possible.

Don't forget, Lallie Beth - prom dates 2024


Nothing beats 60 degree plus weather in January. We decided to take advantage of the nice day and make camp (after a ride in the wagon, of course) in the front yard. We enjoyed so much sunshine I was worried Henry's bald head might actually get sunburned, so we opted for a cap for coverage.

Have I mentioned Henry learned to clap last week? His favorite song is "If You're Happy and You Know It". He also has a new tooth. That makes three on bottom and a snaggle tooth on top.


The Brush Family said...

he is such an adorable boy. he seems to be growing like a weed. nice job mamma. also you are a great photographer. the pics are always beautiful. i've dreamed of being able to take a decent picture. how's motherhood going?? i'm sorta hanging by a thread lately as a mommy of two but am managing and enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

ALL TIME FAVORITE POST!! Love the prunes. Why does God give men the eyelashes and flat butts? Not fair!!