Sunday, July 6, 2008

2-month Well Baby Check & First July 4th

Henry had his 2-month well baby check-up on July 3. He weighed 14 lbs and 1 oz...and measured 25 inches long. Dr. Wilsey warned that if Wade wanted to wrestle with Henry, he better do it NOW! I asked if we should be worried about Henry's size and how much he's eating...told her I didn't want to end up on the Dr. Phil show with a morbidly obese child. Dr. Wilsey assured me that while Henry is eating more than the average bear, he is also much larger than the average two month old. He is well proportioned - Henry is in the 95th percentile for BOTH height and weight. Yowzers! She said not only is Henry perfectly healthy, but "he is so handsome"! Tell us something we don't know, Dr. Wilsey...ha! Before leaving Henry had to get his first round of shots...not fun. But he handled it like a trooper...and we had baby Tylenol to help.

For Henry's first Fourth of July, we gallivanted to Blackwell. Henry was napping during most of the fireworks, but sported his red, white and blue nonetheless.

Enjoying time with Grandpa

Stop it, Grandpa!

Grandpa is such a weirdo...


The Brush Family said...

Hi Michael, Yous son is amazing and adorable. Congrats. I'm sure you are having a blast with him. Enjoy every minute. Jamie gave me your blog. Here's mine I just started it recently. Check it out in all your spare time. Ha. My son, Keegan, is one and I'm due to have number 2 in November. They'll be 18.5 mnths apart. Yipeeee. Keep up the great work being a mommy and take care and i'll check your blog often. -Sarah

Brooke & Peter said...

this is me... pretending to squeeze his cute cheeks and hug him! my goodness he just gets cuter!!!!!!
xoxox to both of you. missing you like a fat kid misses chocolate (your line)